The Complete Guide To MCSA-5876 DOT Medical Cards

Fleet managers and commercial vehicle drivers alike should be aware of the physical health requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for drivers in the industry. Each driver must be cleared by a licensed physician to maintain the health and safety of all individuals on the road. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of this process.

What Is An MCSA-5876 DOT Medical Card

An MCSA-5876 DOT medical card certifies that a driver has met all current DOT physical requirements during the current period and has been assessed by a licensed medical examiner. The card is made of card stock with a matte finish that allows the medical examiner to write directly on the card. Once it is filled out, it is folded into the size of a business card and must be stored in the driver's wallet along with their CDL. 

How To Obtain An MCSA-5876 DOT Medical Card

Medical examiners must prove that they are currently licensed to provide DOT physicals in order to obtain MCSA-5876 DOT medical cards. The cards can only be ordered through a licensed medical equipment supplier. The driver must physically meet with the medical examiner and pass the current DOT physical requirements as defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The medical examiner and driver will work together to complete the Medical Examiner's Certificate (MEC) Form, and the medical examiner will fill in the necessary information to complete the MCSA-5876 card. The form and a copy of the card are then stored by the medical examiner for 3 years, and the original card is held by the driver. The driver must then register their card with their state of residence to remain in compliance with local and federal regulations. 

Physical Requirements

The physical requirements that all drivers must meet are laid out in the federal regulation of transportation Title 49.B.3.B.391.41 Subpart E: Physical Qualifications for Drivers. There are 13 physical requirements that must be met, including no impairments to limbs that may impact driving, no diagnosis of specific chronic illnesses, and no history of drug or alcohol abuse.

Expiration Date

All MCSA-5876 DOT medical cards expire on the same date, regardless of the date they are obtained. The expiration date is located in the top right-hand corner of the card. The current expiration date for valid MCSA-5876 DOT medical cards is 12/31/2024. The previous expiration date for MCSA-5876 DOT medical cards was 11/30/2021.

To learn more about obtaining an MCSA-5876 medical card, reach out to your medical provider.

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