5 CPAP Accessories To Enhance Your Comfort

A CPAP machine can allow you to actually sleep through the night without waking up because you are struggling to breathe. However, if the machine's equipment is bothering you, you may still struggle to get a good night's sleep. That is why you will want to invest in the right equipment to make sleeping at night as comfortable as possible with your new CPAP machine.

CPAP Pillow

When you sleep with a CPAP machine, you will sleep with a few extra things each night. You are going to have a tube and a mask that you have to deal with. A CPAP pillow is designed with special cutouts so that the headgear, masks, and tubes that you have to use to breathe at night will rest nicely next to you as you sleep, regardless of if you sleep on your back or side. These pillows are all about ensuring that your head is comfortable, even with all the equipment when you sleep.

Tube Lifting Equipment

Some people struggle with having tubes lying around them as they sleep. If you find that you are getting all tangled up in your tubes as you sleep, or if you sleep with someone else and the tubes get in the way of them sleeping well at night, you are going to want to invest in some tube lifting equipment. This equipment is designed to lift up your tubes so that they don't lay all over the bed while you sleep, getting in the way of yourself and your sleeping partner.


Your mask is designed to fit tightly around your face; however, it is not entirely airtight, which is why getting an eye shield can enhance your comfort as you sleep if minor leaks of air bother you when you are sleeping. With an eye mask, your eyes will be protected from the air from your machine, which can enhance your sleeping comfort.

Nasal Gel Pads

If you find the pressure of the mask across the bridge of your nose is uncomfortable, you will want to invest in some nasal gel pads. Just place the pad along the bridge of your nose before you go to sleep, and then put your mask in place. The gel pad will help alleviate the discomfort you feel as you sleep at night.

Mask Liners

If you find the entire mask leaves your face feeling a little sore, or it just gets to your skin, you can use a mask liner at night. The mask liner is designed to help take some of the pressure off your face and ensure that what comes into contact with your face is a little softer and more comfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable sleeping with your CPAP mask, you may just not have the right accessories to go with your mask yet. Analyze what you find uncomfortable about using a CPAP mask and choose the right accessory that will alleviate that discomfort. Contact a CPAP accessories supplier to learn more.

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