Providing Protective N95 Masks To Your Workers

Providing your workers with N95 masks can help to keep them safe as COVID-19 continues to be a major problem. However, small businesses are unlikely to have experience with issuing this type of personal protective equipment, and this can leave them ill-prepared to meet this particular challenge.

Use A Wholesale Retailer For The N95 Masks

Providing your workforce with enough N95 masks to allow them to safely perform their duties can become a fairly large expense. To help you with providing your staff with quality protective equipment while minimizing costs, you should look at wholesale providers for these masks. This will allow you to buy these masks in bulk. You will want to safely store these masks so that they will still be effective when your workers are ready for them. Choosing mask retailers that provide individually packaged masks can allow you to safely store this equipment so that it will be ready when your employees need them.

Ensure Workers Are Trained In How To Properly Wear These Masks

While an N95 mask will be able to provide excellent filtration for particulate matter, viruses and bacteria, it will have to be worn correctly in order to provide this level of protection. Sadly, some people will have a tendency to wear these masks incorrectly as a result of it being more comfortable, and this can severely degrade their protection. To make sure that your employees are wearing these masks effectively, you should provide quick training sessions to instruct your workers on the proper way to wear these masks. In particular, they will need to ensure that there are no gaps along the perimeter of the mask as this could be a potential source of exposure.

Provide Clear Instruction On Effectively Maintaining The N95 Masks

One of the advantages of investing in high-quality N95 masks is that they are reusable. It is possible for your workers to safely sanitize these masks so that they can be reused. Effectively cleaning these masks will most often require them to be boiled for several minutes and air-dried for at least a day or two. As a result of this, you may wish to issue your workers multiple masks as this will allow them to rotate these masks. Unfortunately, if workers do not make a point of regularly cleaning these masks, they may compromise their protection and inadvertently increase their chances of exposure. Providing workers with a sheet that outlines the potential risks of failing to keep this mask clean and the steps for effectively sanitizing can help to mitigate this risk.

To learn more, contact an N95 mask supplier.

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