Tips for Properly Cleaning Medical-Grade Diagnostic Monitors

If you own or manage a medical practice or a clinic, you most likely have multiple medical-grade diagnostic monitors onsite. Medical-grade diagnostic monitors play an important role in ensuring that practitioners are able to review images and other diagnostic information needed in order to provide the right treatment for patients. Like most pieces of medical equipment, medical-grade diagnostic monitors are not inexpensive, so they need to be properly taken care of so they can last as long as possible without developing any problems. Cleaning medical-grade diagnostic monitors is an important part of maintenance. Use the following tips to help ensure that the diagnostic monitors in your practice or clinic are properly cleaned:

Never Spray Cleaner Directly on the Screen of the Monitor

When it comes time to clean the medical-grade diagnostic monitors in your practice or clinic, it is important to do so very carefully. One thing that you have to ensure is that cleaner is never sprayed directly on the screen of the monitor. If someone sprays cleaner directly on the screen, the extra moisture can damage electrical components, which can cause the display to fail. The last thing anyone wants is for a piece of expensive medical equipment, such as a medical-grade diagnostic monitor, to be ruined due to improper cleaning.

Use a Soft Cloth

If you have medical-grade diagnostic monitors on-site, it is in your best interest to stock up on soft, microfiber cloths to use to clean the monitors. A soft, microfiber cloth is gentle and won't damage the surface of the screen in any way. In addition to having cloths available, make sure that you also invest in cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning screens. Apply a small amount of the cleaner to the cloth until the cloth is slightly damp.

Avoid Applying Too Much Pressure

The screens on medical-grade diagnostic monitors can be fragile, so you need to be very careful when cleaning. If you apply too much pressure to the screen, you can cause damage — in some cases, pressing too hard may only damage certain sections of the screen, while in other cases, excessive pressure can prevent the screen from illuminating all together. It is important to remember that you can effectively clean the screen of your medical-grade diagnostic monitors without too much effort. Gently rubbing the damp cloth across the screen will ensure that it is clean.

Talk to a supplier to learn more about caring for your diagnostic monitors.

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