3 Things To Know About Diabetes Test Strips

Living with diabetes is challenging. Diabetics must constantly monitor their blood glucose levels to ensure they remain within safe parameters. The equipment needed to accurately monitor blood glucose can vary, but many diabetics choose to rely on test strips for long-term monitoring.

Test strips offer many benefits that other testing platforms cannot. The more you know about diabetes test strips, the more you will see how these strips can help you keep your diabetes under control.

1. Test Strips are Easily Sourced

One of the reasons diabetics like using test strips to monitor their blood glucose levels is the widespread availability of these strips.

You don't need a prescription to purchase test strips for personal use. Most pharmacies, big box stores, and even some smaller grocery stores stock diabetes test strips on their shelves. You can also find online retailers offering test strips for sale to the public.

The widespread availability of test strips ensures that you will be able to find the supplies you need to continue monitoring your diabetes regularly.

2. Test Strips are Covered by Insurance

Diabetes is a severe medical condition. This means that the supplies you need to monitor your diabetes are eligible for coverage through your healthcare insurance provider.

It's important to read the details of your policy if you plan to utilize insurance payments to help offset the cost of your test strips. Many insurers will only cover the cost of specific brands of test strips and meters.

Once you know which brands are covered by your plan, you can work with your doctor to select a meter and test strips that will maximize your comfort over time.

3. Test Strips Must be Disposed of Properly

Many people don't realize that diabetes test strips are considered medical waste. You should never toss your test strips into the garbage can for disposal. Although the amount of blood that saturates each test strip is minimal, there is always the possibility of this blood creating a health risk for others.

Ask your doctor to provide you with a dedicated bio-waste container that you can use for the disposal of your testing supplies. This container can safely house both used and expired test strips, old lancets, and any alcohol swabs you may use during the testing process.

The container can be returned to your doctor's office when full so that your diabetes testing supplies can be thrown away properly.

Find establishments that sell diabetes test strips in your area today. 

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